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Advice for those who feel too busy

Has anyone ever asked you how your day is and your only response is “So busy!” Well, you are not alone.

There is no doubt that individuals are busy, whether it is true or not, we all like to live in the world of being slaves to being busy.

In this crazy busy world that we live in, it is important that we take steps to manage our time instead of letting are time manage us.

Below are a few steps that can be taken to help manage your time when you feel “Too Busy”

Own your calendar
Though this seems obvious many of us do not use our calendars effectively. Many of us just use our calendars to schedule meetings, trainings, or important calls. To command your calendar, it is important to add as much as you possibly can to it, from the mundane to the important, from business to personal life. This will help you stay focused and organized.

Share your timelines and schedule
Now that you have created your calendar, do not be afraid to share it. Let people know your availability and let people know realistic timelines. You are not the only one struggling with time management, setting the proper expectations about your time will help others manage theirs.

Set the proper expectations of other’s time
This step gets missed quite a bit. Most of us find it easier to try to manage our own time but we forget that we need to set the right expectations of others’ time as well. Let people know how much of their time you may need on a task, a meeting, or a decision. Being upfront and open will not only help others understand your time but will help them understand their own time as well.

If you schedule changes, let others impacted know ASAP
Change happens to all of us. If something should come up and your schedule changes you need to let others know as soon as possible; do not wait until the last minute. Informing others this shows transparency and shows that you respect other’s time.

Do one thing at a time
We love to try multi-task it helps us feel like we are more productive. There are studies out there that state that multi-tasking is next to impossible; that if you try to do multiple things at one time, nothing gets done efficiently or effectively. So, in your next meeting, turn off your phone. The next time you need to put a proposal together, shut down your email.

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