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Natural Places to Cool off in Arizona

All though it is almost September; In most parts of Arizona, it is still hot. At this point in the summer, most pools feel like baths and the hose water can be scolding. It’s time to escape the inferno of the valley and what better way to do it then going to some natural watering holes around the state.

Here are a few of my favorite natural swimming holes in Arizona, that are close enough to the valley to make a day trip out of it!

Grasshopper Point, Sedona, AZ
Just a short drive from Phoenix, Grasshopper Point is a serene place to cool off and relax. With a mix of shallow and deep pools, Grasshopper Point provides areas for relaxation and areas for the more adventurous. Did someone saw cliff jumping!?!?!

Haigler Creek, Haigler Arizona
A little off the beaten path, Haigler Creek is a beautiful, secluded watering hole located in the Tonto National forest. Once you park, you will have to follow hiking paths to get to your destination. “The canyon bottom is decorated with pines, alders, sycamores and virginia creeper vines. The water is refreshing and downright chilly even in the summer months.”

Romero Pools, Tucson, AZ
Romero Pools is a perfect place to cool down if you like to earn your hike. Though this is a local favorite place, for the more adventurous, a bit more challenging hikes are available to get away from crowds. Thee area is rich and alive with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

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